About TESOL Canada

“TESOL” Canada is an association of educators, TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, TESOL graduates, Board of Federal Directors and Provincial representatives across Canada with both national and International accreditations

TESOL trains you to be a fully qualified second language teacher.

Graduates can work in Language Schools & Vocational Colleges across North America. Most

of our graduate’s work in Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, the E.U, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.


For a practical second language teacher, the training covers all the needed theory, observation, and teaching skills.

The TESOL Foundation Standard includes 50 hours of Introductory Theory and 100 hours of Teaching Practicum covering Observation, Teaching Assistance, Conversation Activities, Lesson Planning, and Real Teaching.

The program explores both options of Online and In-Class teaching. Applicants with one year or more extensive teaching experience will receive Practicum Credits.

To get you started in the field, TESOL Canada’s teaching experience is an asset. TESOL Canada approved Teachers Training programs are available in English TESOL, French TFSOL, Spanish TSSOL, Chinese TCSOL, Japanese TJSOL, Arabic TASOL, Russian TRSOL, Portuguese TPSOL, Turkish TTSOL , and Italian TISOL.

To teach kids and young learners, we offer TEC (Teaching English to Children) in our Advanced TESOL Standard.

 The Advanced TESOL is a 300-hour program that offers any two options of TEC, TAE, and TBE. The study includes the Foundation plus two of the SIGs.