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Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and the ETA Visitor

About ETA

If you are interested in having an Australian Visit Visa then the Australian Government has good news for you. The Government says that:

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa is not like the typical visa but you can use it as an Australian Visit Visa. The visa does not require you to stamp or label your passport. ETA can be obtained through travel agents and airlines. You do not need to go to an Australian diplomatic office in order to submit your application.

Sometimes, in a few cases, chances are that you didn’t get your ETA instantly. The candidate must check back within 12 hours whether or not your application has been submitted successfully. This website also offers the services of checking your ETA online. You can get to know your ETA application status by clicking on the Check your ETA button.

The Australian Immigration Department – Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is responsible for accessing your online ETA application. ETA is electronically issued through a computer system that is operated by Australian Immigration Department.

The Electronic Visa Authority (ETA) is also known as subclass 601.

ETA Visa Application Processing – Australian Visit Visa

An ETA application is easy to submit. Its processing is simple and quick. You just have to submit all your details on the online application form. The details you enter must match your details recorded on your passport. Also, enter your credit card information. And submit the application. It will be processed immediately. All approved applications submitted online are recorded on the systems of Australian government electronically.

The other processing details on the airport while you reach there to board a flight to Australia, are also checked electronically. The staff members at the airport verify your check-in electronically and confirm that you have the permission to board the flight.

On an average, ETA takes a maximum of 24 hours to process your application.

Types of ETA Visa

The ETA visa has two types. Depending on your purpose, you can select one to apply for Australian Visit Visa online.

1.   Visitor ETA

The Australian Visit Visa known as Visitor/Tourist ETA is appropriate for the candidates who are willing to go to Australia to pay a visit to friends or relatives. It is also suitable for candidates who are interested in tourism and want to visit Australia. Visitor ETA is valid for duration of 12 months. A candidate can have a 3 months stay in Australia on each visit. The visa allows multiple entry travel but the candidate is not allowed to work in Australia with this visa.

2.   Short Validity Business VTA

It is not always necessary to have a Business Australian Immigration Visa to discuss and check your business matters in Australia. An SVB ETA is suitable for candidates who are willing to go to Australia on a business trip. It is also valid for 12 months and the candidate can have multiple visits within the valid duration of this visa. Also, the candidate can have a stay for up to 3 months in Australia under SVA ETA. Though it allows you to look upon your business matters, unlike Australian Business Immigration Visa, SVB ETA strictly forbids employment.

SVA ETA aims for business visits only and not any kind of work. It is not a work visa.

Eligibility for Australian Visit Visa

You are eligible to apply for an ETA Visa if:

  • The applicant is required to be out of Australia while applying for ETA.
  • The applicant must be outside Australia at the time ETA is granted.
  • You must be willing to travel to Australia as a tourist or a business visitor.
  • Your passport should be valid to apply for ETA.
  • Your reason to stay in Australia for the duration of up to 3 months on each stay must comply with the conditions set for this visa.
  • Tourist activities are limited to the following:
    • holidays,
    • recreation,
    • visiting a friend or family member
  • Business activities on ETA are limited to the following:
    • make general business enquiries,
    • investigating, signing, renewing or negotiating a new or existing business contract,
    • official government to government activities,
    • participating in business fairs, exhibitions, seminars or conferences keeping that you are not going to receive any kind of payment from the organizers to attend them
  • An official or diplomatic passport holder is not allowed to apply for an ETA visa.
  • You must not have any criminal record. In case you are found guilty of any criminal conviction, you will not be allowed to enter Australia.
  • There must be no outstanding debts on you to be paid to the Australian Government when you apply for this visa.
  • ETA is an individual visa. In case you want to take along your family members, each of them will need to have a separate ETA.
  • Any of the family members who are 18 or above have to comply with the above point.

If you are unable to lodge an online application, the eligible passport holders may also submit an ETA application in person. The application is to be submitted to a travel agent, airline or specialist service provider. Also, these offices must be outside Australia.

Not all countries are allowed access to subclass 601 or ETA visa. Check your country with the Australian Immigration Department’s website before you apply.

The ETA Visit Visa does not require you to qualify on an Australian Immigration points calculator.

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Australian Student Visa

Australia is the 3rd largest country that accommodates international students with a population of only a 23 million people. UK and USA are the first two largest international student accommodating countries. The world’s top 100 universities include 7 Australian universities, which is one of the reasons why Australian Student Visa is really popular in Pakistan and other developing countries.

Australia offers a wide range of up to 22,000 courses across 1100 institutes in the country. Australia has exceeded countries like Germany, Netherlands and Japan securing 8th place in the list of Universities 2012 U21 National Systems of Higher Education. The universities in Australia have an excellent academic reputation. Not only academics, the cities hosting these universities are also great.

Out of the top 30 cities that are best known for their student mixture, student affordability, quality life and employment, 5 such cities are located in Australia. They are determined to provide the best place for international students who land there through Australian Student Visa. The Australian government is keen to provide quality education to the students globally. The government, therefore, provides more than 200 million AUD as fellowship, to the enrolled or prospective students. Australian Student Visa enables you to have the best of career opportunities.

Given the high-quality institutes providing the best of academics and professional growth experience, it is not surprising why so many students are willing to have an Australian Student Visa. Till date, more than 2.5 million international students have been enrolled and completed their respective degree programs. They are all enjoying a great career and professional life after studying in Australia.

Not only the academics in Australian universities is great, but also most of the students selected to study in Australia are brilliant and talented. Australia has proudly produced 15 Nobel Prize Winners and Prizes. More than a billion of the total world population is looking towards Australia for discoveries and innovations. Penicillin, IVF, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, the bionic ear, cervical cancer vaccine and Black Box flight Recorders are all a result of the education in Australian universities. These discoveries and innovations have resulted in providing a better lifestyle to Australians and the world.

The universities in Australia are known globally for their quality education. A large number of international students apply in Australian universities every year. They enjoy living and studying in Australia due to the student-friendly policies.

The students are also allowed to have a job during their study period. They are also encouraged to apply for permanent residency in Australia after successful completion of their studies under Australian Immigration policies.  Australian Student Visa is applicable to any international citizen willing to pursue a degree program or a diploma at an Australian University/College/School or any other Institute.

If you are interested in getting an Australian Student Visa for the first time or you want to renew your existing visa, or you want to apply for Australian Immigration to join a family member already living in Australia on a student visa, you can apply under the Australian Student Visa category. Application assessment depends on your selected course and passport city.

Things You Will Find In This Page [hide]

Subclass for Australian Student Visa:

The students who are willing to undertake a formal course of study can apply for Australian Student Visa. The visa has 7 subclasses. You are assessed on the basis of the main course you choose to study at Australia.

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

This course is particularly designed to give a certification in the English Language. The certificates are graded as I, II, III and IV. You can have any of the four stand-alone certifications. There is no formal award for this program.

Primary or Secondary School Course

The student visa for primary, junior secondary and senior secondary school courses is defined by a different subclass. This subclass also allows foreign students to study in Australia under the secondary school exchange program.

Vocational Educational and Training (VET)

Any course can be taken at an Australian educational institute under this subclass of the student visa. This subclass is applicable for courses when you apply for any certificates I, II, III or IV (ELICOS). It is not applicable on VET Diploma, VET advanced diploma, vocational graduate certificate or vocational graduate diploma course.

Higher Education

The students who are willing to pursue the bachelor degree, associate degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, higher education diploma, higher education advanced diploma or masters by coursework, apply for this subclass of Australian student visa.

Post Graduate

The students applying for a Masters or Doctoral Degree access the Australian Immigration through student visa under this subclass.

Student Guardian

The guardians of a student can also accompany them to Australia under the student guardian visa subclass.

How to assess in what assessment Level I am?

Students can assess the level of assessment themselves. It is dependent on your passport country and the academic course you are applying for. We can give a free assessment of your visa application. Feel free to contact us.

List of universities and colleges on our panel:


  • Charles Sturt University-CSU (Melbourne, Sydney)
  • University of South Australia
  • Edith Cowan University
  • University of Camberra
  • University of Tasmania
  • Murdoch University
  • Charles Sturt University, Sydney Campus
  • Central Queensland University (CQU)
    -­All Campuses Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Rockhampton
  • Macquarie City Campus
  • Curtin University, Sydney
  • MIT-Federation University
  • Holmesglen ‐ Melbourne
  • Kangan Batman TAFE
  • William Angeliss
  • Chisholm Institute of Technology
  • MCIE
  • Acedemia21
  • LaTrobe Sydney University programs,
  • Curtin College at Curtin University, Perth
  • Eynesbury Institute if Business and Technology
  • La Trobe Melbourne, at La Trobe University
  • MIBT at Deakin University, Melbourne
  • PIBT at Edith Cowan University, Perth
  • QIBT at Griffith University, Brisbane
  • University of Sydney, ISC
  • Monash University, ISC
  • University of Western Australia, ISC
  • Taylor’s College
  • Martin’s college

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