Teaching Business English- Standard Three TBE

Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma

English is the international language! 85% of the Internet is in English, three-quarters of global emails are in English, and it is the official language of the Olympic games. The World Trade Organization debriefs, meets, and publicizes in English, even if the representatives are from countries where English is not the native language. These are among the many reasons why adult learners abroad need ESL teachers. This opportunity is to teach ESL to leaders and business innovators of tomorrow, how to effectively communicate on an international level. Skills that Teaching Business English will provide can enable teachers to teach the language needed for day-to-day operations and business correspondence within the global business workplace. Teaching Professional English is designed for specialized language terminologies used in different professions from Health Sciences to Engineering and Law.

TBE Specialization Certification

  • 300-Hours (3 months) TESOL Foundation Standard with Specialization in Teaching Business English
  • 150-hours TESOL Foundation Cert. plus 150-hours TBE
  • 650-hours course to be completed within eight months at one of TESOL Canada institutions
  • Includes 450-hours of TESOL Diploma along with 200-hours of additional TBE

Course Objective

In completing the TESOL Canada approved Teaching Business English diploma, students will gain the following:

  • The theoretical and practical overview of how to teach business English in the classroom
  • Numerous practical lessons for teaching TBE
  • A better understanding of business topics to discuss in an ESL classroom
  • Learn where to find useful teaching resources and materials