About Us

We are the trusted community which help students how to deal with financial and academic issues. We have information about more than 50 institutions in the world which are offering scholarships at international level. Regardless of sociology-economic issues, academic problems and other global issues, no one is allowed to break his/her dreams. If you have passion, you are a hard worker, you can go abroad and study.


Adil Consultants was founded in “1980s   “. Adil Consultants with its best advisors guide students about their studies and other people for business and skilled immigration globally.

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Who We Are

Adil Consultants helps to push the limits and venture beyond the comfort zone. It is the best Platform for all the people who want to go abroad either for studies or for business. We started working prior some years and during this time period with the effort of our dedicated team we have always enjoyed the sunshine with the shadows behind.

Our Pillars

  • Student focused

We work for the well-being of students.

  • Community Driven

We work together like a team

  • Accessible

Kick out Academic and Financial Hurdles.

  • Resourceful

We reuse the best which already exists

  • Purposeful

Our efforts always gives the sweet fruit.

We Guide you towards your Destination

  • Select Your Skills

Don’t worry if you are a child-minder or if you are working in small-scale environment, you need not to worry about all these thing. We are providing you with the best practices to ping those sleeping skills in yourself. You can experience the fruitful relationship between trainers, learners, clients, dealers and managers.

  • We are the Yardstick

We are here to provide you with the best international student scholarships search with us. Adil Consultants guide you and recommends you the best field of study for yourself, top ranked universities offering free scholarships to the students.

  • Meet with us

We freely invite you to come and meet with our expertise and give yourself a satisfaction with our agreeable environment. We guide you about skilled immigration, business immigration, student visa, free scholarships.