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Canada is becoming a very popular place for overseas students to study. In major population centers the lifestyle is very similar to the US, but the cost of living is generally cheaper.

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As well as universities and colleges, Canada also has community colleges and technical institutes that offer a wide variety of professional programs of between 1 and 3 years duration, including a work term.

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For students who are seeking the highest quality education at any of Canada’s top universities, I am able to offer personalized guidance, counselling and support with your goal.

Top-rated Universities

College and university rankings are rankings of institutions in higher education based on combinations of various factors. None of the rankings give a comprehensive overview of the strengths of the institutions

World-Class Education

Learning from International Models of Excellence and Innovation, Stewart argues that the future can and will be created. Educators need to use the full global body of evidence to design educational systems.

Free Consoling

Book an appointment now and our counsellors will contact you at the time that best suits your schedule. You can discuss with them your study options and find the best country, university.

Great Career

You may even choose to remain abroad to work. Find out about the sorts of careers which international graduates have gone on to, as well as tips for securing that dream job.

Low Cost

Studying abroad is expensive than studying in the home country. One of the important factors which international students apply to compare the study abroad countries is the cost of study.

High Visa Ratio

We strive hard so that our clients get visa without any hassle. Also in your appointment if applicable is the secret behind BTW’s higher success rate of visa assurance.

Invest in Safe Hands

Contact me today if you need personal advice and assistance for a successful application to study in Canada. Choosing the right university and the right study program is important for your future success, and in addition to advising you on the right educational steps for you, I can also help with key tips on how (and when) you can start navigating the long run visa process.

If you would like to study in Canada, then I can offer personal advice, training and guidance to maximize your chances of successful admission to a Canadian degree or study program. I have extensive personal experience of studying and working in North America at the bachelor’s and master’s level, including working on admissions to a major university abroad. I have successfully placed clients at universities and colleges across Canada and can provide guidance on obtaining a Canada student visa and a student work permit. Contact me to hear more and find out how you can take your first steps to reach your goals.

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“…Really love the services provided by this team. Very good collaboration, thanks a lot for your help!…”

Jane Austin