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Immigration to Canada Consulting

We believe in providing competent services in all Immigration to Canada matters in an honest and truthful manner while protecting the best interests of our clients.

Apply for a Canada visa immediately in Abbottabad

Immigrate seamlessly from Pakistan to Canada now. Get the opportunity to live in one of the most vibrant and modern countries in the world. The scenic beauty, as well as the clean, unpolluted air, will blow your mind. Get opportunities for job growth and give your family a better quality of life. Regardless of your race, gender, culture, or religion, you can be assured of a warm welcome in Canada and easily integrated with the local community. Get expert help on Canada’s immigration process from an immigration consultant near you.  We help professionals, entrepreneurs, family members, and students successfully migrate and settle in Canada.

Skilled Visa

You must have at least 67 points to qualify for Express Entry. You must have a minimum CRS score for a lottery to be selected to immigrate to Canada as your permanent residence in Canada.

Spouse Visa

It takes approximately 12 months to process sponsorship requests from start to finish. They are generally not processed much faster than 12 months, but can take longer depending on the nature of your case.

Business Visa

Once you have set up or bought a Canadian business, you can apply for a work permit as a business immigrant. Based on your immigration background and your goals

Visit Visa

We continue to process applications so you can be ready to go when the restrictions are lifted. Even if you have a valid visitor's visa or electronic travel permit (eTA).

Invest in trusted hands

The whole process of Canadian immigration in Abbottabad to anywhere in Pakistan is quite expensive. From profile appraisal fees to application fees, the entire Canadian immigration process can strain your pockets a little more. With this in mind, hiring a reputable Canadian immigration consultant would mean that your investment is in good hands. So if you are thinking about the extra expense, I suggest you think again as a consultant can save you a lot of time, effort and money. Therefore, investing in a consulting firm is never the wrong decision. Opponents see the measure, which would allow extraditions to mainland China, as accelerating the erosion of Hong Kong’s civil liberties.